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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The silent majority

When the silent majority doesn't count in the face of a brutal, determined minority, sizable minority. Some lessons from history: The Natzis committed their atrocities with a sizable German minority and a silent majority. Pol Pot committed Genocide with the same willing minority and a silent majority. Imperial Japanese atrocities tell the same story. The genocide in Rwanda, same story. IS is committing atrocities with a sizable, Muslim-minority support and a silent Muslim majority. IS is yet another classic example when a fanatical, determined minority - empowered by old and draconian traditions and lots of material and spiritual support by tens of millions in this case, not a fringe by a long shot - shapes the course of history at least in the short term, and the Muslim majority stands paralyzed and unwilling to take on their responsibility of extrminating this evil ideology in their midst and of their own creation. In a more enlightened time, the majority will rise up and do the right thing. And that's when the majority counts! ... Let's call a spade a spade: no euphemisms here.

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