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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Muslim Intellect - dead

Intellect: "The power or faculty of the mind by which one knows or understands, as distinguished from that by which one feels and by that which one wills ..." For one to excersize this, at a minimum, freedom of thought must exist. Freedom of expression, which is the foundation of freedom of thought, especially when it comes to religion in Muslim-controlled societies doesn't exist. On the extreme it could land a freethinker on the edge of the sword or long imprisonment or lashings, or on the mild side a huge fine and exile. An atmosphere of oppression proliferate across the Muslim world. Apostasy is punishable by death. In other words, questioning fiction, superstitions and beliefs is not something wise people who want to live even entertain. Therefore, the Muslim thought has been frozen in time and space since the 10th century AD, when Ghazali codified Islam and darkness fell. The Muslim thought in the Middle East is dead beyond recognition. As for the "Muslim Intellect" in the west, where free thought is every man's liberty-which is under strain for fear of offending Muslims-is hardly inspiring and tend to be fundamentalist in nature.  My own experience with many Muslims in the US has been very disappointing: behind the modern facade there is deep-rooted conservatism and lack of understanding of modern thought when it comes to religion and ancient beliefs. Let me elaborate, I have asked many Muslims, liberals as they describe themselves, here in the West as whether they interpret the quran literally or metaphorically. They would always avoid the question or refuse to engage. And my friends, there is the elephant in the room. Muslim thought needs to wake up, in the west and in the east: Reconstruction in Islam. Renaissance. Where school children are not taught that the earth is 4000 years old and the best nation ever inhabited the earth was that of the 7th century islamic caliphate. That's what ISIS is trying to bring back, and the youth rejoices with that very utopian glossy image of power and justice and complete dominance of Muslims over all others. Poisonous Fiction. Yet, sadly, most who are slaughtered by Muslims are Muslims. ... I want to end this on a positive note, ahhhhhh. History and Nature perhaps will provide some comfort in that truth and love are much stronger than lies and hate. We the human race are stuck here on earth, we have no other choice, at least not now,. Our destiny is sealed here on this tiny blue dot and lonely in a vast universe (Carl Sagin). We must find a way to unite us against hunger, disease, pollution, and ignorance-our true common enemy. As for ISIS, they have nothing to offer but death and darkness. They will lose! As for their dark ideology, it depends on whether the indoctrination of muslim children stop. And I am not optimistic abuot that.

The silent majority

When the silent majority doesn't count in the face of a brutal, determined minority, sizable minority. Some lessons from history: The Natzis committed their atrocities with a sizable German minority and a silent majority. Pol Pot committed Genocide with the same willing minority and a silent majority. Imperial Japanese atrocities tell the same story. The genocide in Rwanda, same story. IS is committing atrocities with a sizable, Muslim-minority support and a silent Muslim majority. IS is yet another classic example when a fanatical, determined minority - empowered by old and draconian traditions and lots of material and spiritual support by tens of millions in this case, not a fringe by a long shot - shapes the course of history at least in the short term, and the Muslim majority stands paralyzed and unwilling to take on their responsibility of extrminating this evil ideology in their midst and of their own creation. In a more enlightened time, the majority will rise up and do the right thing. And that's when the majority counts! ... Let's call a spade a spade: no euphemisms here.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


VvvThere is a common thread among all those savages who commit atrocities around the world, which is they're young  They have been indoctrinated and brainwashed by culture, religion, and the monstrous kingpins who are usually much older. Young people often think violence will solve their problems, this is coupled with this inferiority complex among some Muslims who think, somehow, that the West is the cause of all their collasal political, economic and social failures in recent centuries. Always pointing the fingers. This is coupled with persistent messages and  teachings to young muslims about the early Era of Islam packaged and laced in gold. Fiction. IS, and many other violent islamic organizations, provide, as so many yougsters believe,  Islamic salvation to restore their power and pride and ultimately subdue all of humanity by their savagery. IS and its millions of ignorant supportes are fighting for global supremacy where everyone is converted, taxed as an infidel, enslaved, or killed. They already demonstrated this barbaric ideology against the yazidis in Iraq. ... Of course, they will FAIL and fall into the abyss of darkness as those who came before them. Reconstruction in Islam could pave a more peaceful and harmonious existence with all humakinds. A metaphorical, interpretation of the quran would be a great start.