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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Apostle of Ignorance

The Iranian president Ahmadinjad, whom I will refer to as the apostle of ignorance, had offended almost all the UN delegates, whereupon many walked out on him. It was not his speech, bloody nonsense, that caused the uproar in NY, but rather was his reek. When the apostle of ignorance was asked by a reporter about the overpowering stench that seems to follow him wherever he went, he went on to say, that it was the mischievous Amerrikkans, who were behind his hygiene troubles. The reporter was preplexed, what do mean by that, sir? You see, the Amerrikkans had deployed thousands upon thousands of cockroaches equipped with tiny receivers, made of nuclear waste, terrible terrible things, to spy on the good people of Iran, and those cockroaches polluted the water of Iran and turned it into a yellowish, brackish, smelly water. And, he continued to say, no matter how many baths I take, I still stink.  . . . 

Nobody has the right to act like a God-damned idiot, or to treat people like dirt.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

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