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Thursday, November 19, 2015


VvvThere is a common thread among all those savages who commit atrocities around the world, which is they're young  They have been indoctrinated and brainwashed by culture, religion, and the monstrous kingpins who are usually much older. Young people often think violence will solve their problems, this is coupled with this inferiority complex among some Muslims who think, somehow, that the West is the cause of all their collasal political, economic and social failures in recent centuries. Always pointing the fingers. This is coupled with persistent messages and  teachings to young muslims about the early Era of Islam packaged and laced in gold. Fiction. IS, and many other violent islamic organizations, provide, as so many yougsters believe,  Islamic salvation to restore their power and pride and ultimately subdue all of humanity by their savagery. IS and its millions of ignorant supportes are fighting for global supremacy where everyone is converted, taxed as an infidel, enslaved, or killed. They already demonstrated this barbaric ideology against the yazidis in Iraq. ... Of course, they will FAIL and fall into the abyss of darkness as those who came before them. Reconstruction in Islam could pave a more peaceful and harmonious existence with all humakinds. A metaphorical, interpretation of the quran would be a great start.

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