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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Death of a Revolution

One can’t help but cheer for the young Egyptians in their aspirations. They are, however, so euphoric and the whole thing is turning into a big party and Fool (Fava beans, a popular staple among poor Egyptians) and soon they will have to go back and listen to their mams and do their homework, and listen to their papas who are more worried about bread and Fool than Mubarak. ... And they all love the military because the military is somehow neutral and has not been colluding with Mubarak and his cronies for thirty years, really? ...

Eventually the good people will get discouraged and disillusioned about their big exercise of rage and venting.

By then a small change will have taken place. And Mubarak and his billionaire sons will be gilded into retirement, perhaps abroad, no harm done, they need to live, too. ... Historians will write about the missed opportunity of the revolt: When the fools kissed the soldiers and rode on the tanks, historians will conclude,  was the death of their revolution. … When they thought the military was on their side.

In few years however, Mubarak will be dead and his Egypt-flag-draped coffin will be brought back home and carried on the shoulders of his sad, remorseful sons, and the masses will weep and receive them with full military honor. Mubarak’s sons will have been very sorry for what happened, and the people, as the abused subjects eventually lament their rebellious, unkind acts toward the King and his family, will forgive them and accept them back.  And all of that is the epitome of foolishness, including this writing.

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