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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arab Revolts: The West's Opportunity to Shine

It's not as though the Arabs are a different breed, they are not - think Europe two hundred years ago; They're just two hundred years behind the rest of the world. Their leaders have cheated them out of their humanity by not giving them the tools to succeed in the twenty-first century: civil rights, women's empowerment, education. Not only school children are, largely, taught superstitions and lies but also conspiracies and, in some places, hate and intolerance. The result is a people who find themselves outside of history and human progress. Hence, revolts and chaos and cruelty and injustice.

And that is what the world is going to grapple with for the next few years or even decades. But this is a chance to lend our support, but only if we're asked. This is the West's opportunity to shine in the eyes of the Arabs, the aggrieved people, and dislodge itself form the claws of the oppressors and defeat terrorism decisively. It's imperative, in these trying times, to unfurl our hands, in modesty and sensitivity, to our brothers and sisters, the Arabs, so they can, too, join the journey of human progress.

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