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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

War or Peace

"The cause of peace is not the cause of cowardice. If peace is sought to be defended or preserved for the safety of the luxurious and the timid, it is a sham, and the peace will be base. War is better, and the peace will be broken. If peace is to be maintained, it must be by brave men, who have come up to the same height as the hero, namely, the will to carry their life in their hand, and stake it at any instant for their principle, but who have gone one step beyond the hero, and will not
seek another man's life;—men
who have, by their intellectual insight, or else by their moral elevation, attained such a perception of their own intrinsic worth, that they do not think property or their own body a sufficient good to be saved by such dereliction of principle as treating a man like a sheep." Waldo Emerson
I have been reading his essay on war. Since WWII we have been at war. Only one president never fired a missile or drop a bomb, he went on to become a great humanitarian with a cultivated soul that inspires the world. Jimmy Carter is not just a good man, but a great human being! I am tired of hearing about war. I am tired of our support of the genocide in Yemen. I am tired of our indifference. I am tired of the warmongering. I am tired of the war profiteering. I am tired of Trump. I am tired of hate and violence and terror.

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