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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Minnesota nice

When God decides to send his arctic -50 weather somewhere, he doesn't send it to Honolulu, he sends it to Minnesota. Why? She figured in her ultimate wisdom that Minnesotans are hardy and they're just too nice to complain (I can tell you they don't like people who complain.) and mild-mannered and not confrontational and they keep their heads down when walking - I know I am married to one - so the icy sidewalks are just fine and they never stare (I love that about them: what I call public-privacy). He must've known all of this and he decided they're even better for it and a bit of suffering is good for their souls. For if she were to send it to Honolulu the people would perish and freeze to death. And God doesn't like that, sometimes. The only thing is God never consulted me in the matter; and knowing him I doubt that he will. But I have good options for him. Good night.

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