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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rejoicing My Heart Is Not

No one with a respectable mind, who values human life and human dignity, would mourn the death of a mass murderer, Osama Bin Laden. Only those whose minds are spongy, full of resentment, and empty of logic would have sorrowful hearts for the death of a fiend. Yet there are so many who are mourning. And for that my heart is not rejoicing. Reader, are they mourning what you're about to read next?

That fiendish draconian ideology of Al-Qaeda, which had landed upon our shores on 9/11, and had spilled the blood of the innocents who were just going about their business, killed and maimed and widowed so many people of all kinds, from New York to Wahsington, from Istanbul to Bagdad, from Mardrid to London, from Bali to Riyadh, from Yemen to Afghanistan, from Moscow to Mumbai, from Marrakesh to Cairo, from Islamabad to  Amman. The draconian killers spared no one. Nothing has sanctity for them, not even children, not even places of worship, not even women. They even used the disabled as human bombs..Their ideology is hateful and violent and dark and malevolent and base. And for that, my heart is not rejoicing.

Rejoicing my heart is not, for it's not its nature to delight in death. or even in the death of a wicked man. But, the death of a Hitler-like man may save lives and, therefore, the world is better for it.

Al-Qaeda must always be opposed; evil shall not be appeased; and we must stand firm.

Only love and peace (reader, I know this sounds hillbilly, but there is no other way) will delver us from our futile human condition: by turning to our humanity. It's up to us to make that happen.

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