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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Poor Vulture Arrested for Spying

In the Kingdom of Darkness (K.D, Saudi Arabia) - where school children are taught superstitions and lies about the greatness of one man - a vulture had been arrested, accused of being an Israeli spy. The evidence was damming: attached to the vulture’s body, a GPS transmitter had been discovered by the Enlightened people of the K.D.

Meanwhile, the Enlightened people have hunkered down in their dwellings and refuse to go outside. Rumor has it that Israel mobilised millions of GPS-armed flies and mosquitoes to spy on the Enlightened people of Arabia. 

Furthermore, bird-lovers have a presentiment: That the poor vulture may receive the swift, bestial Islamic justice: Public beheading by the sword, a highly sought-after, fun-loving activity for the Faithfuls to enjoy after Friday Prayer. Or the amputation of the right wing - since the poor bird has no right hand - and the left foot, a punishment prescribed for vandals under the fiendish Islamic Law, which is widely practiced - on humans, that is - in the Kingdom of Darkness. There it was. There it was.

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