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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Grunting Place

When I saw this line form a previous post ,"...could not keep a straight face and ran out of the grunting place," my poetic leaning tingled, and hence the following poem.

Today I was in the gym, and the men were lifting the weights.
Their work-outs were always accompanied by loud masculine grunts, to keep up the pace.
There was a guy who grunted with every lift “Chipss.”
And I could not keep a straight face, and ran out of the grunting place.
But before I left the place, I'd observed this case:
with dignity and smoothness, many a woman had exercised, without a grunt or a contorted face.
They'd reserved the grunting for a different time and different place.
Can't the men, for once, learn form the fine, upstanding kinds in this case.

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